Charlotte Painting

A Charlotte Professional Painting Company

Do you have a painting project in the Charlotte NC area you want to tackle? Not looking forward to taping, mixing, pouring and ultimately painting for hours, if not days. Can you think of a number of other ways to spend your time? Why not hire a Charlotte professional painting company to do what they do best.


Why Should I Hire a Charlotte Painting Company?

We have years experience painting Charlotte homes. Whether your job is big or small; easy or complicated our professionals have the experience, skill and talent to do the job right the first time. We also have experience painting Charlotte commercial buildings.

Professional painters provide needed answers to questions and advice before even starting the project.

  • Do I need a primer? Do I need more than one coat?
  • What is best brand of paint to buy?
  • Do I need to paint the ceiling?
  • Should I use a flat, matte or eggshell finish?
  • Is an acrylic or oil-based paint right for this job
  • How do I decide on a color. Where should I test my sample colors?
  • What are the best all-weather products and finishes for outdoor projects?

As a professional Charlotte painting business, we have all the proper equipment and materials on hand and needed for painting Charlotte homes residences, commercial properties and buildings.

  • Scaffolding for cathedral ceilings as well 9 and 10 foot ceilings.
  • Industrial sprayers for new construction and new sheet rock.
  • Various brushes, rollers and sanders to fit each and every job.
  • Ladders of all scope and size.

Using a professional Charlotte painting company will save you time and ultimately money.

  • Professionals rarely need to waste time taping.
  • With their practiced technique, trim work, crown molding, window sills and lattices are done in a matter of hours rather than days.
  • Full-service means you don’t have to waste time making trips to the paint shop and home improvement store.
  • Multi-person teams make quick work of projects to keep disruptions at a minimum.

Professional Charlotte NC painters are also advised for any and all staining projects. These jobs require experience to successfully complete. Our painting professionals know everything from the proper brush techniques, and when one, two or three coats are needed.

Most importantly, hiring a professional painting company means you will love your newly painted rooms and buildings.